Tuesday 29 November 2011

What's in a Name...?

This is my latest LO - it started out as an SU-only layout, but then I got inspired!  It was perfect for the weekly challenge on UKScrappers, about the people we're named for, and I even handmade my rosette from scratch - no die I promise!
Anyway, everything's SU apart from the journaling card, which is MME, and lovely flocked Thickers to match the lush flocked papers :D  And the gorgeous young subject is my little little brother (not to be confused with my big little brother), when he was the pageboy at my wedding...

Have you had any LOs that started off one way and ended up another?  Have you blogged them?  Drop me a link or let me know, I'm always interested in hearing the stories behind creations!
Thanks for looking,
Leanne x

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Counterfeit Kit & Collector's Diary...!

Finally, I finished my basic Collector's Diary, for the class over at Crafty Templates with lovely Leo :D

Firstly I drew inspiration from the Counterfeit Kit challenge and made myself a kit based around a patterned paper and some ribbons:

Then I used my altered binder technique learned from Chris, and old papers, ribbons, glubers, new pretty ribbon and gems, and LOTS of SU Ink, punches, etc. Oh and fell in love with tissue tape...!
The photographs are all taken with different light sources to try and bring out the true colour, but the miserable weather is NOT helping any:

 I'm especially proud of my handmade flowers and the punched embellishment in the last picture - loving the Authentique word stickers!

Now all I have to do is start following the class - what I'm going to do is make some sample pages as per the class guidelines, but then I can add to this over time - take out what doesn't inspire me any more, add in new techniques - I'm really looking forward to having an inspiration journal I'm proud of - and not a towering stack of mags and printouts I never read -thank you Leo!

Leanne x

Altered Binder...

I wanted to share a technique for making a great album or journal that I found whilst surfing the merry old internet the other day - all you need is an old binder and duct tape, and you can turn this:

into this:

over at my other blog: www.beautifulimpressions.co.uk
Give it a shot!
Leanne x

Credit for the basic idea to Scrapnanny x

Saturday 15 October 2011

Chic Chips & Spooky Stories...

Just a quick post to update on the chipboard swap from my previous post - I wanted to show off the selection that came home to me :D Thanks to everyone for their efforts!

Also, I wanted to show off what's off to Netty today for the Halloween Decoration Swap on UKS - I hope the recipients like them, they're not very glitzy for a banner I know, but I hope they go down ok!

Thanks for looking - anyone else made an early start on seasonal projects yet? Aren't we just so organised? ;)
Leanne x

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Friday 9 September 2011

Decorated Chipboard...

As you can see I've just completed yet another swap - this time for Decorated Chipboard! I was really intrigued to see how they would be decorated and what shapes people would come up with, and how they might inspire a project rather than just decorate it...

Anyway, I only had the one die that could cut through chipboard - this lovely Stampin' Up! exclusive one that I ordered with my first discount :D so I decided to decorate it a bit like a bookplate of sorts, so that it might be able to complement the SMASHBook craze - especially for those making their own books :)  Of course they'll be able to use it as a normal embellishment too, a journalling spot, etc.

I used the Stampin' Up! Top Note die, Tea Stain Distress Ink (thank you Rachel!), generic chipboard, wooden dominoes from my LCS, Tim Holtz Film Reel, graph and lined paper by various companies, Prima printed tape, one of Tim Holtz' acrylic stamps for the ticket (thank you again Rachel!), Stampin' Up! permanent Snail adhesive, and Stampin' Up! kraft cardstock.

I can't wait to see what I'll get in return!
L x

Monday 5 September 2011

Tip-In My Hat...

I've also waved  a fond farewell to the Tip In Swap pages - I really enjoyed working on these and hope everyone likes them - I wanted to give them the feeling that I'd drawn directly into their chosen book, so each pages was made with a background of relevant text, an appropriate image, and then hand-inked:
I was two groups - Group 3:
and Group 5:

I really hope people like them, I'm proud of them - havent done my own yet though, because I don't want to double up on quotes!
L x

August Tag Swap...

My first time hosting - how exciting! I set the UKS August Tag Swap theme of peridot + metal + inspired by oz, and here you go - the results of the August jury!
Group 1: nettyb, Kittycrafts, mistyrat, me, Kellmorris, and OLFRTAYL underneath
Group 2: Nerlly, KJJC, TinkerHamilton, with jainethepain and allyj50 below
Group 3: honeypip, RosieMac, cockneycrafter, Roxy52, funkymonkey, Weaselwise
I was impressed with the interpretations and the fact that they were all so different - well done everyone and a huge thank you for taking part!
L x

Friday 24 June 2011

Urban Garden...

Just a quick post before I forget- these are my tags for the UKS June tag swap- theme of two, royal, and alexandrite...
It took a lot of reworking and testing - really leaky elbows! - but now I'm really, really pleased with it :D

Stamps: Tim Holtz
Gems: Sarah's Cards
Lace Trim: Prima
Velvet Ribbon: A Haberdasher
Velvet Lace: Anna Griffin
Ink, Paper, Card, Embossing Powder, Blossoms Punch, Bird on a Branch Punch, and Adhesives: Stampin' Up!

Thanks for looking- if you want any more info on the supplies please let me know :)
Leanne xxx

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Wednesday 22 June 2011

One Litle Word...

I read this post at the start of the year as I was trying to determine my word - Release, Less, Focus and many others vied for attention in my mind, until today (yes it's been a long process!)
Looking through it again and trying to find the one comment that stood out, I realised I had to CHOOSE, because I couldn't move on until I did.
I'm lucky to have a choice, and all this time I've been throwing it away and riding things out until it's too late, never acting on things, letting them pass me by, so:
I CHOOSE my family;
I CHOOSE my health;
I CHOOSE to select the things I love about my life and throw out what I don't - and then I will CHOOSE the new things I want in their places, not just accept things because they turn up;

I tell you what though - the oddest part that I can't get my head around yet is that I didn't really CHOOSE it - but it seems to have chosen me!

Saturday 16 April 2011


Ta-dah! My tags for the UKS April Tag Swap, which I am chuffed to little mint balls about!

The required elements were bling, a crown, and the theme of 'Diamonds are a girl's best friend'... And with a theme like that it meant only one thing could take centre stage- the lovely Norma Jean!
I went for a look of a poster on a wall, adorned with bling and a graffiti-effect crown, accompanied by a photo-relevant quote from the song itself, and really hope i didn't miss!

I really do hope that my recipients like them... It was touch and go at one stage as it seemed LES (Leaky Elbow Syndrome) had struck- it just wasn't translating from brain to page- but I'm really pleased with my end result :D

Hope you're all getting the same feel-good factor this weekend!
L xxx

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Counterfeit Kit Candy...!

This is not only a great idea, but a fab giveaway - check it out! http://scrappinmargie.blogspot.com/2011/03/100-follower-giveaway.html Leanne x

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Going Loopy...

...for Rico's new Loopy yarn!

A more natural version of Cancan, you still get a scarf from one ball, but with a more natural, daytime feel - love it!
The pattern is in the ballband, but basically it's 'Cast on 7 stitches by picking up every other loop, knit in garter stitch, cast off as normal' - I played a while and decided I prefered 9 stitches wide, and here's how I got on:

And I got lots of attention whilst knitting it whilst the kids were playing at our local junglegym, because it's brand new and looks complicated - but it's not, it's just a lovely result from a yarn that does all the hard work! One thing to note: knit the loose side, not the tight side of the yarn (it does say this in the instructions, but someone at our LYS missed this one and they struggled to get into a rhythm whilst sampling)

Ayway, thanks for looking, anything new for you project-wise this week?
Leanne x

Monday 21 March 2011

Bon Voyage...

Just a quickie with my contribution to the March Tag Swap on UKS, hosted by the lovely Netty :D
The criteria were: Aquamarine, Travel & a Postage-related item

Thanks for looking,
L x

Today I Am Mostly...

LISTENING: To Grace and Dylan running riot
EATING: A banana
DRINKING: My second coffee
WEARING: Jeans, white tee and cardigan (my go-to outfit!)
FEELING: Fatigued after a nice weekend
WEATHER: Dreary and weary, where did the sunshine go?
WANTING: Quiet, and all of Ysolda Teague's patterns
NEEDING: To load the dishwasher
THINKING: About my tags and CJ
ENJOYING: Knitting my new wool (Rico Loopy - so names because it drives you...)
WONDERING: If we should have another baby (sorry, a bit deep but honest!)

I Want Candy Too...!

Just a note to let you peeps know that the lovely Emma at Devotion To The Dream is hosting a candy giveaway! There's lots of lovey pretty things to win, and the terms are on her blog - go see!
L xx

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Today I Am...

I realise I've not posted for a while - been suffering from dreaded lurgy ontop of everything else - as has everyone, I'm sure! I had a wonderful time at the Sarah's Cards March retreat, but still haven't gotten around to posting about that either...
However, I saw this on Claire's blog, and thought that I would give it a go; I'm not promising every day, but would like to look back over it in time and see what I did :)

listening - the empty fishtank
eating - a rich tea biscuit
drinking - my 3rd tea of the day
wearing - leggings, dress and cardigan
feeling - bright with occasional showers and one heck of a gale
wanting - to wash my hair
needing - to empty the washing machine
thinking - nope, head hurts too much!
enjoying - Murder She Wrote
wondering - whether to put makeup on before collecting DJ from nursery

Why not try it yourself - or do you already do something similar? Link in the comments if you do and don't mind sharing :D
Leanne x

Saturday 12 February 2011

Wimp Yourself...

At my son's insistance I did - here!
It reminded me that nobody's perfect, and we all need to poke a little fun at ourselves once in a while :D
Why not wimp yourself and post your link in the comments!
L xx

Wednesday 9 February 2011

Paris In The Spring...

No, it's not that word trick you played on each other in school :)

This is just a quick post to show off the tags I've made for the UK Scrappers February Tag Swap - the required elements were amethyst, lace and a love quote:

(I've put the second photo in because the first looks a little flat - I've actually ended up using 3 different thicknesses of foam pads to bring a variation in the levels)
I thought I'd also share my recipe for this one, although I don't normally go into detail over it:
I smooshed a tag with purple ink, and then stamped the wings on the left side. Then I stamped the eiffel tower in black on the right, and sprayed the whole thing with a mini mister filled with a teeny bit of water and a LOT of gold perfect pearls, unscrewing the top and flicking it at the paper for some lovely golden globules. When dry, I overstamped the edges with a flourish using white chalk ink, and added my ribbon - background done.
For embellishment I stamped the hearts onto definition paper, backed it with some card and cut out, mounting the top one on a 1mm foam pad and the bottom one on a 3mm one. I then layered up a torn strip of the definition paper, two sheets of white acid free tissue overstamped with a love quote/definition in silver (bottom layer pleated, top one plain). I topped this with some lilac vellum punched on both sides to create a lacy 'ribbon', added a strip of the same ribbon as I'd used at the top of the tag, and overstamped with with black stitching. Finally I added it to the tag using a glue runner to fix the top part flat, and 2mm foam pads under the bottom part to give the ruffles some extra volume.
It looks like a lot of work reading back through that, but honestly it's not - and I'm chuffed to little mint balls with how it's turned out!
Thanks for looking, and would love to see any links to work you thought looked complicated but turned out straightforward!
Leanne x

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Monday 24 January 2011

Circle Journal Journey Begins...

So this week my CJ sets off on it's journey around the UK - I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's work when it gets home! I'm inviting people to try new things, so that I can use it as a technique resource when it gets home :D

Just a sneak peek for those who can't wait - here's my introductory page (stamped onto lined paper - possibly graphic 45? - and then overstamped with various journalling blocks from stamps away, bella blvd, scenic route, and clearly stamps):

And my page - trying to get out of my comfort zone I've addressed each of my pet loves and tried to do the opposite...
use a product sparingly = 4 different glimmer mists
keep it clean = got mists on my largest piece of pp
everything 'perfect' = all not lined up, uneven bow, let masked card show through, cut through all layers (photo/pp/ribbons/etc.)
love of muted, tonal colours = brights, neons, clashing colours and PINK!
love of classics = used cartoony fabric
only matt or pearlescent paper/card = used shiny papers
photos of anyone but myself = photo of me looking less than glamourous at an impromptu gurning contest

I actually used a mix of two kits from Leo at Crafty Templates, which I bought to take me out of my comfort zone well over a year back - and finally I've used them, and actually love the result!
The covers for my journal are from one of Leo's Create Free classes, shown in this post and I'm not binding it until it comes home to make certain that I choose a method appropriate to the thickness of the spine in the end :D

If you've any links to ATCs, tags, and CJs of your own, please post me a link so I can see - I'd love to see them :)

Leanne x

Bee ATCs and January Tags...

Just a quick one to post the sneak peek of my tags and ATCs for nettyb's UKS swaps; the tag theme was black/white/red/snowflake:

And the ATCs had to have a bee on them and an inspirational word:

I've also a minibook to post, but have to wait until the recipient gets it so as not to spoil the surprise - and my Mojo Busters CJ will begin it's journey soon, so posting that pic tomorrow.

L x


Just wanted to thank Claire again for my award (see last post), and share what I bought with my prize:
Also, the current freebie of the month is this Winter Tween:

L x

Wednesday 5 January 2011

A For Attitude...

That is, Claire has presented me with this:

Which is lovely as it comes in the wake of the new-look blog :P

So what does this award mean? It means I get a lovely pink button for my sidebar, and also a $5 gift certificate to spend at the Digis With Attitude store!

And in return? I have to tell you 3 things about myself that make me 'different', so:

1. I've been on telly and on stage many times - one of the strangest being in the advert for Waddington's 'Crazy Faces', but not having a face crazy enough for the box :D (but we do have the game at home!)

2. I share my birthday with the wrestler Hulk Hogan (but DON'T rip my shirt off in public like he does!)

3. I always keep my glasses on my head, both as a headband and so I don't lose them, which has become my 'trademark' LOL (Although I do often forget they're up there... and leave the remote in the fridge... go figure!)

I also get to nominate 5 other people to claim this award, officially because they deserve it - and UNofficially because I want to hear their 3 things :D

(Ladies, the rules are here, please follow them to claim your voucher!)

It's so hard to only pick 5, so I may ask if I can re-award this a few times :D
Thanks again - and here's to attitude!

Leanne x

Sunday 2 January 2011

Fairy Happy New Year...


OK, so my jokes aren't always the best...! But I just wanted to post a picture of my Fairy In A Box, received from Carmen - thank you!
And also can now show what I sent to stufandnonsense in return:
The fairy on the left is the original one... but I made her BEFORE the box - bad move! - so had to make another. I attached a (removable) chain so that she can either be hung on her chain, on her own, or used as a necklace, anklet or bracelet.
L x