Tuesday 29 March 2011

Counterfeit Kit Candy...!

This is not only a great idea, but a fab giveaway - check it out! http://scrappinmargie.blogspot.com/2011/03/100-follower-giveaway.html Leanne x

Tuesday 22 March 2011

Going Loopy...

...for Rico's new Loopy yarn!

A more natural version of Cancan, you still get a scarf from one ball, but with a more natural, daytime feel - love it!
The pattern is in the ballband, but basically it's 'Cast on 7 stitches by picking up every other loop, knit in garter stitch, cast off as normal' - I played a while and decided I prefered 9 stitches wide, and here's how I got on:

And I got lots of attention whilst knitting it whilst the kids were playing at our local junglegym, because it's brand new and looks complicated - but it's not, it's just a lovely result from a yarn that does all the hard work! One thing to note: knit the loose side, not the tight side of the yarn (it does say this in the instructions, but someone at our LYS missed this one and they struggled to get into a rhythm whilst sampling)

Ayway, thanks for looking, anything new for you project-wise this week?
Leanne x

Monday 21 March 2011

Bon Voyage...

Just a quickie with my contribution to the March Tag Swap on UKS, hosted by the lovely Netty :D
The criteria were: Aquamarine, Travel & a Postage-related item

Thanks for looking,
L x

Today I Am Mostly...

LISTENING: To Grace and Dylan running riot
EATING: A banana
DRINKING: My second coffee
WEARING: Jeans, white tee and cardigan (my go-to outfit!)
FEELING: Fatigued after a nice weekend
WEATHER: Dreary and weary, where did the sunshine go?
WANTING: Quiet, and all of Ysolda Teague's patterns
NEEDING: To load the dishwasher
THINKING: About my tags and CJ
ENJOYING: Knitting my new wool (Rico Loopy - so names because it drives you...)
WONDERING: If we should have another baby (sorry, a bit deep but honest!)

I Want Candy Too...!

Just a note to let you peeps know that the lovely Emma at Devotion To The Dream is hosting a candy giveaway! There's lots of lovey pretty things to win, and the terms are on her blog - go see!
L xx

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Today I Am...

I realise I've not posted for a while - been suffering from dreaded lurgy ontop of everything else - as has everyone, I'm sure! I had a wonderful time at the Sarah's Cards March retreat, but still haven't gotten around to posting about that either...
However, I saw this on Claire's blog, and thought that I would give it a go; I'm not promising every day, but would like to look back over it in time and see what I did :)

listening - the empty fishtank
eating - a rich tea biscuit
drinking - my 3rd tea of the day
wearing - leggings, dress and cardigan
feeling - bright with occasional showers and one heck of a gale
wanting - to wash my hair
needing - to empty the washing machine
thinking - nope, head hurts too much!
enjoying - Murder She Wrote
wondering - whether to put makeup on before collecting DJ from nursery

Why not try it yourself - or do you already do something similar? Link in the comments if you do and don't mind sharing :D
Leanne x