Friday 24 June 2011

Urban Garden...

Just a quick post before I forget- these are my tags for the UKS June tag swap- theme of two, royal, and alexandrite...
It took a lot of reworking and testing - really leaky elbows! - but now I'm really, really pleased with it :D

Stamps: Tim Holtz
Gems: Sarah's Cards
Lace Trim: Prima
Velvet Ribbon: A Haberdasher
Velvet Lace: Anna Griffin
Ink, Paper, Card, Embossing Powder, Blossoms Punch, Bird on a Branch Punch, and Adhesives: Stampin' Up!

Thanks for looking- if you want any more info on the supplies please let me know :)
Leanne xxx

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Wednesday 22 June 2011

One Litle Word...

I read this post at the start of the year as I was trying to determine my word - Release, Less, Focus and many others vied for attention in my mind, until today (yes it's been a long process!)
Looking through it again and trying to find the one comment that stood out, I realised I had to CHOOSE, because I couldn't move on until I did.
I'm lucky to have a choice, and all this time I've been throwing it away and riding things out until it's too late, never acting on things, letting them pass me by, so:
I CHOOSE my family;
I CHOOSE my health;
I CHOOSE to select the things I love about my life and throw out what I don't - and then I will CHOOSE the new things I want in their places, not just accept things because they turn up;

I tell you what though - the oddest part that I can't get my head around yet is that I didn't really CHOOSE it - but it seems to have chosen me!