Friday 9 September 2011

Decorated Chipboard...

As you can see I've just completed yet another swap - this time for Decorated Chipboard! I was really intrigued to see how they would be decorated and what shapes people would come up with, and how they might inspire a project rather than just decorate it...

Anyway, I only had the one die that could cut through chipboard - this lovely Stampin' Up! exclusive one that I ordered with my first discount :D so I decided to decorate it a bit like a bookplate of sorts, so that it might be able to complement the SMASHBook craze - especially for those making their own books :)  Of course they'll be able to use it as a normal embellishment too, a journalling spot, etc.

I used the Stampin' Up! Top Note die, Tea Stain Distress Ink (thank you Rachel!), generic chipboard, wooden dominoes from my LCS, Tim Holtz Film Reel, graph and lined paper by various companies, Prima printed tape, one of Tim Holtz' acrylic stamps for the ticket (thank you again Rachel!), Stampin' Up! permanent Snail adhesive, and Stampin' Up! kraft cardstock.

I can't wait to see what I'll get in return!
L x

Monday 5 September 2011

Tip-In My Hat...

I've also waved  a fond farewell to the Tip In Swap pages - I really enjoyed working on these and hope everyone likes them - I wanted to give them the feeling that I'd drawn directly into their chosen book, so each pages was made with a background of relevant text, an appropriate image, and then hand-inked:
I was two groups - Group 3:
and Group 5:

I really hope people like them, I'm proud of them - havent done my own yet though, because I don't want to double up on quotes!
L x

August Tag Swap...

My first time hosting - how exciting! I set the UKS August Tag Swap theme of peridot + metal + inspired by oz, and here you go - the results of the August jury!
Group 1: nettyb, Kittycrafts, mistyrat, me, Kellmorris, and OLFRTAYL underneath
Group 2: Nerlly, KJJC, TinkerHamilton, with jainethepain and allyj50 below
Group 3: honeypip, RosieMac, cockneycrafter, Roxy52, funkymonkey, Weaselwise
I was impressed with the interpretations and the fact that they were all so different - well done everyone and a huge thank you for taking part!
L x