Friday 18 December 2009

Friday 30 October 2009


I never scrap in pink, so given the opportunity to create a birthday card for a 4 year old girl, I leapt at the chance to be sparkly and flowery and rather frilly...! The design was inspired by a Card Trends LO, in which the letters matted onto foam/felt gave me the idea to create a card that could double as a nameplate for her bedroom. Thanks for taking the time to look! Leanne x

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Wednesday 30 September 2009

A Berry Good Effort...?

And another!
L xxx

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Tuesday 29 September 2009

Hats off...

My first attempt at a bobble hat for the Innocent Smoothies/Age Concern Winter Heating campaign! Don't know if I can do any more, but if you can by 15th October, check out their sites for links and patterns!
L xxx

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Thursday 7 May 2009

Jack of 'Arts...

Just wanted to pop on and upload my first altered playing cards for the swap NettyB's hosting over on UKS - we're working our way slowly through suits, and the first is Hearts... Hence my rather guilty-looking photo of 'Jack' - a little boy with a love of jam tarts -  caught red handed...! 

I've used a differnt technique to my usual photocards (in which I age the card and adhere the photo) and this time have mirror-printed onto acetate, then backed with card and framed, reminiscent of a projector slide, and I'm rather please with how it has turned out.  I hope that the recipients like them, because I really enjoyed coming up with my design, and can't wait to see what other people have done with the theme.

Thanks for looking! Leanne x

Monday 27 April 2009

Blog Candy Links...

So, part of me doesn't want to share these gorgeous competitions, so there's more chance of little moi winning, but I'm nice like that :D

First off, MA's UKS link to Debbie's blog meant I found the first candy of today - and a gorgeous stash it is too, filled with Copics, stamps, Nestabilities, and lots more!  Then from there I found a myriad more through Debbie's links... Jeanette, whose candy includes the most beautiful Miranda stamp, Katharina, who has 2 sets of the new Whiff of Joy stamp kits on offer, Kim's candy - gorgeous fall felt fusion and what promises to be the best chocolate ever!!!, Tracie has some lovely Papermania goodies including Forever Friends, mini brands and shimmer dots to give away for her birthday,  and Janet has Blonde Moments stamps, buttons, chipboard and more!

Good luck everyone, and a big thank you again to these ladies for their generosity!
Leanne x

Sunday 26 April 2009

So Tweet...!

Just thought I'd share this photo of a felt flock! I made them for a Felt Embellishment Swap on UKSwappers, and I am really pleased with how they turned out, just wish I had put a little more detail on them before I put the backing on! And yes it's all mostly daisy stitch, which I'm rather fond of at the moment :)
At least now DH can see whay I needed so much felt ;)
I hope the recipients like them- now off to alter 13 playing cards for another swap...
Leanne x

Friday 24 April 2009


So I'm no longer allowed in shops having a felt sale, according to DH... He's normally fine with my craft purchases, but when I mentioned buying a dedicated fabric storage he went a funny colour, like a puce, hard to describe... But that's ok, think I've some felt that colour here somewhere :D
Leanne x

Sunday 1 March 2009

The fruits of my labour...

This is the only thing I managed today at the NorthWest Warrington Crop...!

DH was bemused when I told him I'd only completed one thing, but on seeing this he was really pleased with it, as was I, I have to admit :D

Thanks for looking, Leanne x

Wednesday 25 February 2009

I'll never be a grandma...

15 months old and already he's wearing my handbags... no hope is there :( :D

Leanne x

Monday 9 February 2009

Cyber Cropping, Stash Shopping, and Challenge Setting...

Well, I have to say that this weekend tired me out much more than I expected!
I was all prepared for the UKS Cybercrop, which began at 7pm on Friday night.  But after staying up until 4 in the morning sticking things together and waiting for glossy accents to dry, I was cream-crackered! I had to get it all done before bed as I was at the Stitch and Creative Crafts show at the GMex on Saturday, and would have missed the 4pm upload deadline otherwise, so thought I'd best soldier on.
Here are my efforts anyway (my MK efforts, one completed LO, and 3 that need finishing off!):

I did have a lovely time on Saturday, meeting Sue and immersing ourselves in craftiness - I also did a minibook class with Debbi Moore, although it seemed fairly focussed on beginners and the structure of the books, and not about the content and composition which is what I was hoping for - still, she did very well despite half of the class not listening or looking or being quiet! Thank you Debbi for the class and the goodybag - DH has nicked the glitter to make my Vday card with...
Unfortunately the lack of sleep combined with a day of trekking did nothing to restore me (although the scone helped, eh Sue?) and on Sunday I was a vegetable, who couldn't drawn strength to do much more than make copies of all the classes and challenges for another time.  I did a couple of extra challenges and voted on the MK and PCCs, because it was obvious that many people had put a great deal of effort into those, and the standards were set very high.
Any road, now its back down to earth with a bump, whilst the CSI afterparty continues long into today (Interpol came 3rd, but I'm still very proud to have been a member of the team)
Am off to start a new 'Is It Time For A Cybercrop Yet??' thread on UKS now but will be back later posting my next Crafty Swappers Forum Challenge piece - the competition has just begun for this week, so why not drop by and try it? Click here for the latest challenge and good luck...
Leanne x

Monday 2 February 2009

Tripping The Light Croptastic...

So on Saturday 24th Jan at the Golborne Crop I managed 4 LOs, don't think I've managed that before!  Here are the pics - The quality isn't great but I didn't want to wait much longer as I'd forget:
(BTW - The two with white BGs are page kits from the team at Sarah's Cards)
Am looking forward to the next Golborne Crop on 7th March now; having had to miss the last two NorthWest Warrington Crops, and on track to miss the next one too (on waiting list again) I'm missing getting together with fellow scrappers in the flesh as I've no friends who scrap.   It's so disappointing not to get a place now I know there are local crops, after spending so long doing this on my own!
Leanne x

Sunday 18 January 2009

Indigo Mill Blog Candy...

Hello, hope that you've all had a good weekend; mine's been very busy, but I've just found out that Indigo Mill is back online, with a celebratory Blog Candy Giveaway!, and had to share the news (obviously because you should all visit- its incidental that I get entered too...!
Above is a sneak peek of what you can win - from the new Jillybeans range which is premiering here from the US, EXCLUSIVELY at Indigo Mill... And because of a problem with Steph's random number generator (read the blog, you'll smile) she is now offering 2 chances to win - Good Luck!
Leanne x

Monday 12 January 2009

Celebrate Life...!

My latest LO for the Crafty Swappers Week 2 Challenge.
I realised that January is the month we make (and break!) resolutions, and wanted to create a reminder for my new journal, because sometimes life gets so hectic we can all forget what's important, and how lucky we are to be here.
Make the most of your life, live it how you want; celebrate it!
Leanne x

Wednesday 7 January 2009

BIA: Binding In Action...

I made my first BIA 'thingummy' last night - a journal for my first official submission to the Crafty Swappers Challenge DT!
I cut out, pushed out, poked, glazed, glittered, inked... and was so excited that I finally got to use it that I stayed up until 2.30 this morning for the glaze and stickles to dry so I could put it together before going to bed, lol.

I'm going to use it to incorporate my week by week challenges for UKS, and the DT LOs I do for the Crafty Swappers Weekly Challenges (click here and try them out!), and as I've already put all the pages in I've not excuse for not doing it, otherwise there'll be blank pages - and we can't have that!
Now I just need to make 2 more for my CJs, and another for my 12months=12projects, and one for my A-Z Journal... - and the 4 ATC books... does it ever end? Will I ever run out of things to bind?!
Anyway, what do you think?
Leanne x