Wednesday 9 March 2011

Today I Am...

I realise I've not posted for a while - been suffering from dreaded lurgy ontop of everything else - as has everyone, I'm sure! I had a wonderful time at the Sarah's Cards March retreat, but still haven't gotten around to posting about that either...
However, I saw this on Claire's blog, and thought that I would give it a go; I'm not promising every day, but would like to look back over it in time and see what I did :)

listening - the empty fishtank
eating - a rich tea biscuit
drinking - my 3rd tea of the day
wearing - leggings, dress and cardigan
feeling - bright with occasional showers and one heck of a gale
wanting - to wash my hair
needing - to empty the washing machine
thinking - nope, head hurts too much!
enjoying - Murder She Wrote
wondering - whether to put makeup on before collecting DJ from nursery

Why not try it yourself - or do you already do something similar? Link in the comments if you do and don't mind sharing :D
Leanne x


Claire said...

Thanks for the link hun! Its fab doing this, I think I saw it on Tracie Hudsons blog & think its great to look back on.

Nice to meet you too esp as we share the same taste in pj's!

Gems said...

I like these posts too! Will do one when I blog tomorrow :)
Was lovely to meet you on the weekend xx

misteejay said...

Hope you soon feel better Leanie.

Toni :o)