Wednesday 5 January 2011

A For Attitude...

That is, Claire has presented me with this:

Which is lovely as it comes in the wake of the new-look blog :P

So what does this award mean? It means I get a lovely pink button for my sidebar, and also a $5 gift certificate to spend at the Digis With Attitude store!

And in return? I have to tell you 3 things about myself that make me 'different', so:

1. I've been on telly and on stage many times - one of the strangest being in the advert for Waddington's 'Crazy Faces', but not having a face crazy enough for the box :D (but we do have the game at home!)

2. I share my birthday with the wrestler Hulk Hogan (but DON'T rip my shirt off in public like he does!)

3. I always keep my glasses on my head, both as a headband and so I don't lose them, which has become my 'trademark' LOL (Although I do often forget they're up there... and leave the remote in the fridge... go figure!)

I also get to nominate 5 other people to claim this award, officially because they deserve it - and UNofficially because I want to hear their 3 things :D

(Ladies, the rules are here, please follow them to claim your voucher!)

It's so hard to only pick 5, so I may ask if I can re-award this a few times :D
Thanks again - and here's to attitude!

Leanne x


misteejay said...

Glad you don't rip your shirt off like Hulk Hogan...the weather is way too cold LOL

Toni :o)

Leanie said...

And they'd all think I'm craier than they do already!!!

thekathrynwheel said...

Wow, thanks for the blog award :-)
And thanks for joining the calendar challenge too - delighted to have you on board. I have added you to the ever-growing blogroll and look forward to seeing your creations throughout the year :-)

Sherry said...

Many thanks Leanie for the award, it is one I have already received and claimed the reward! I really appreciate you thinking of me though.

Happy New Year to you!

Anne-Marie said...

WOW!! Thank you so much, Leanne!!
I'm overwhelmed...and teary....and it's NOT my hormones :D