Wednesday 12 September 2012

Papercraft Patchwork!

Just want to show you the results of an amazing swap I organised between a group of friends on an online forum- the photo isn't high quality, but isn't it lush?!

Everyone made sets of themed pieces, all I've done is arrange them, black the edges with paint to hide gaps, and adhered it to black 12x12 backing. There was a gap left for people to personalise their patchwork, if they were making one, and after much deliberation I filled mine with a mosaic mirror, not the clock mechanism I'd thought I would.

I'm also doing a customer one for my SU blog, but for now I'm just going to love this one :D I feel so honoured and blessed to be part of such a creative community, and to have their work in my home to inspire me- Thank you all so, so much.

I'll be back with close ups and the names of the amazing artists who took part- until then, sit back and enjoy their talents!
Thanks for looking, Leanne xxx


Suzy said...

It Looks gorgeous all put together, I cant wait to get all the pieces back and get them on display. Thanks for.organising such an Amazing swap

Jane said...

That is gorgeous! I am looking forward to getting my pieces and putting them together like this!

BEX said...

Leanie, these look fab. Thank you so much for organising this swap. I enjoyed doing it and I can't wait to put it together now.

Jez said...

This looks amazing. Certainly a case of the whole being more than a sum of its parts.