Monday 9 April 2012


Bear with... bear with...
Here are the results of the March Trendy Tags Swap I hosted on UKS; aren't they gorgeous?

Before I start, Blogger keeps messing the order up, but here's how it looks at the moment...

Second photo, all the tags- From left to right, top to bottom:
MaggieB, gemmasteele, baa-me-chick
scrappy-yo, ShirleyJune, hollybank
Scrap3d, RosieMac, me
Thank you all so much for taking part!

The third photo is a close up on my submission, and more details on how I made my chevrons is to follow on my SU blog,

The first is of the lovely tags I received in the random allocation, from ShirleyJune (my partner in corrugated card), MaggieB (love the colours and bird!), and scrappy-yo (reminding me why I write, and envious of the chevron stamp).

Finally, the person drawn out of the hat for their use of stamping is... To be revealed when they get their surprise :D
Thanks for looking and reading!
L x


BEX said...

Super tags from everyone there. I can't wait to get mine. Thanks so much for organising this swap. I'm looking forward to the next one already.

Shirley said...

Great to see all the tags together.
They all look great and thanks everyone who took part and to you Leanne for organising such a fun swap.

Maggie said...

Thanks for showing all the tags together, I'm so looking forward to receiving mine.
Thanks for organising the swap and for encouraging me to take part in my first tag swap.

Lorraine said...

lovely tags

Loves Happy Hour said...

cute blog!! nice tags!!