Wednesday 29 September 2010

Note To Self... Create 10 Is Free!

My efforts for the free Create 10 Class by Leo - click here to join in the fun!
I reckoned I may be using mine more as a notebook with some photos in to remind me what's important in life, so I've adjusted and personalised accordingly :)
I didn't have the supplies Leo used, but did buy two of her kits last year (Note to Self, and the Matroushka Sundae) so these will finally be used (I was stroking and saving - again!!!)
I was only going to make the embellishment tody, but got caught up in it all, and spent the afternoon playing until this had evolved!
Anyone else taking part?
Hope you're enjoying it as much as me already, Leanne x

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chris hennen said...

your covers look great and a good idea as well.

chris hennen said...
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Kate said...

Love what youve done so far :0)
Kate x

Leo said...

Looks yum, can't wait to see it finished! xx Leo