Tuesday 8 November 2011

Counterfeit Kit & Collector's Diary...!

Finally, I finished my basic Collector's Diary, for the class over at Crafty Templates with lovely Leo :D

Firstly I drew inspiration from the Counterfeit Kit challenge and made myself a kit based around a patterned paper and some ribbons:

Then I used my altered binder technique learned from Chris, and old papers, ribbons, glubers, new pretty ribbon and gems, and LOTS of SU Ink, punches, etc. Oh and fell in love with tissue tape...!
The photographs are all taken with different light sources to try and bring out the true colour, but the miserable weather is NOT helping any:

 I'm especially proud of my handmade flowers and the punched embellishment in the last picture - loving the Authentique word stickers!

Now all I have to do is start following the class - what I'm going to do is make some sample pages as per the class guidelines, but then I can add to this over time - take out what doesn't inspire me any more, add in new techniques - I'm really looking forward to having an inspiration journal I'm proud of - and not a towering stack of mags and printouts I never read -thank you Leo!

Leanne x


Rosiemac said...
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Rosiemac said...

Love that twisted rose, and the binder. It's a great idea to be able to add to it- good luck sifting through all your mags!

Leanie said...

Thank you Rosie - might enlist you to help...! x

Suzy said...

Love, love, love it Leanne

misteejay said...

What a beautiful binder and so very useful - TFS. I look forward to seeing what you put in it.

Toni xx

Leo said...

Really lovely - love your kit you've pulled together too. :)
x Leo

Dee said...

What a fabulous idea - yours looks beautiful. I have loads of old folders so I've no excuse for not trying this out.

Jimjams said...

Gorgeous binder - I wondered what the finished article would look like! Mine is nearly ready - thanks for a great tutorial!