Friday 1 October 2010

A Bit Of DIY...

... And some Maths too:
Cardboard box + cardboard tubes + tacky PVA =

Promarker storage :D
Thanks to a random forum post pointing out they fit well in tubes, sorry I can't credit exactly but think it's on UKS.

L x

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SarahLP said...

What a great idea! Reminds me of my cat food box inkpad storage solution! :)

Leanie said...

Ooh - do tell, please - Bobbin is a poorly tiny old lady who's on special pouches - I'd love to find a use for all those boxes!!!
Have you a link to a blog article on them or anything? :)

Sian said...

This is really clever Leanne :) I spotted the link to your blog on UKS and thought I would come and say hello.