Monday 9 February 2009

Cyber Cropping, Stash Shopping, and Challenge Setting...

Well, I have to say that this weekend tired me out much more than I expected!
I was all prepared for the UKS Cybercrop, which began at 7pm on Friday night.  But after staying up until 4 in the morning sticking things together and waiting for glossy accents to dry, I was cream-crackered! I had to get it all done before bed as I was at the Stitch and Creative Crafts show at the GMex on Saturday, and would have missed the 4pm upload deadline otherwise, so thought I'd best soldier on.
Here are my efforts anyway (my MK efforts, one completed LO, and 3 that need finishing off!):

I did have a lovely time on Saturday, meeting Sue and immersing ourselves in craftiness - I also did a minibook class with Debbi Moore, although it seemed fairly focussed on beginners and the structure of the books, and not about the content and composition which is what I was hoping for - still, she did very well despite half of the class not listening or looking or being quiet! Thank you Debbi for the class and the goodybag - DH has nicked the glitter to make my Vday card with...
Unfortunately the lack of sleep combined with a day of trekking did nothing to restore me (although the scone helped, eh Sue?) and on Sunday I was a vegetable, who couldn't drawn strength to do much more than make copies of all the classes and challenges for another time.  I did a couple of extra challenges and voted on the MK and PCCs, because it was obvious that many people had put a great deal of effort into those, and the standards were set very high.
Any road, now its back down to earth with a bump, whilst the CSI afterparty continues long into today (Interpol came 3rd, but I'm still very proud to have been a member of the team)
Am off to start a new 'Is It Time For A Cybercrop Yet??' thread on UKS now but will be back later posting my next Crafty Swappers Forum Challenge piece - the competition has just begun for this week, so why not drop by and try it? Click here for the latest challenge and good luck...
Leanne x


Ifa said...

I love your MK project and voted for it. Hope you've recovered from the sleepless nights.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you've been tagged. Check out my blog for the details x

**Leanne Marie** said...

you have great work here :)
keep it up and keep blogging ill be back soon :)