Sunday 9 November 2008

Hanging Around...

Here's my latest LO - inspired by the latest Indigo Mill UKS Challenge - 'no glue' - I knew I had the perfect photo to complement the theme, and a lovely metal alpha that I'd never gotten around to using and which came in very handy.
This is DS1 all over; we joke about DH taking 'long cuts' (he'd rather go the long way and take 10 mins than sit in traffic for 5!) but if ever there was an awkward path, indeterminate route, or just a chance to deviate from the norm in ANY way, DS1 would find it, no question - and if there isn't such a way he'd make one!
I was working on the second lacing method, but have been distracted by the weekly challenge and making the memorial butterflies in this post, so will hopefully get it on here soon.
Here's to a great week for everyone!
Leanne x

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