Sunday 28 September 2008


Ok, so I attended my first crop today, which went well (thanks to everyone at the North West Warrington Crop xx)
Despite ending up being an hour late and forgetting one tote... oh, and the fact that I had brought no photos because I've broken both of my printers... so yeah, it went very well, lol
I managed to complete the class project (a 3 year Christmas planner, thank you Rebecca for the kit) and spend some time personalising it so that I didn't spend most of the time scrapping photos from memory and looking like a crazy lady!
I also won the raffle (yay for beginner's luck!) And have set about one of said 'photos from memory' pages, and altering the cigar tin to produce an accordion book... will post photos when finished.
So here you go, first pics of the fruits of my labour - this week's planner, and last week's photoframe (kit by Lianne - I wasn't in attendance but popped along for a visit and to make some purchases, and they had a spare!):
Finally, I've uploaded the new team logo - go Craftaholics! - so have changed my header to match, and will be submitting projects and LOs for lots of points soon - again, depending on the printer scenario as it is also my scanner :(
Leanne x

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jakey said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and ending the mystery! I recognise the name now... I'm sure my dd did tell me - I can't keep up with toddlers programs these days lol :-) Nice banner!

jk xxx